3 Alternative Uses for Bubble Wrap

Bubble wrap is one of the most popular packing materials out there. It is truly a genius tool, which keeps your items safe and sound during your relocation. Thanks to its ingenious design, bubble wrap has saved countless of items from damage.

However, it is far from being useful only during house removals. There are a few other clever uses for bubble wrap, which you might have never considered.

  • Use with food – there are a few ways that bubble wrap helps with your food. One common use is to line the fridge drawer where you keep your veggies and fruits in order to prevent them from getting damaged. That way when you draw it out, they won’t lose their shape even if they bump into the walls. One more thing you can use bubble wrap for is to insulate heat-vulnerable groceries (ice cream, frozen goods, etc.) till you get home. Simply wrap said items in bubble wrap and put them in a bag – that ought to preserve their cool till you get them in the fridge.
  • Garden uses – apart from aiding your home removal efforts, bubble wrap can help you in the garden as well. It makes for a great protection tool against cold temperatures for your container plants. Wrap the container entirely and extend the bubble wrap a few inches over the top. That will keep the temperature of the soil within acceptable levels. You can also cover the compost pile in your backyard with a large sheet of bubble wrap. The benefits are twofold: it prevents the rain from making a mess of the pile and keeps the moisture in when the sun is out.
  • Insulate windows – if you have just concluded your house relocation and you find the windows of your new house are not properly insulated, you can easily use some of the bubble wrap for a temporary solution. Simply cover the window with the material and tape its edges with gaffer tape. On a side note, bubble wrap also works for your car windshield in that it can prevent freezing. Place a large sheet over the windshield, and see it frost-free in the morning!

Do test out these uses for bubble wrap, in case you haven’t already. You will find just how handy this packing material can be.