Buying or Renting in London

When moving house to or within London, you need to know what you are looking for. The decision whether to buy a house or rent something may seem tough, but it is only a matter of checking out a number of pros and cons. You should sit down and compile a list of those pros and cons, of course, before you decide to buy a house in Islington, for example, otherwise you might find yourself surrounded in an environment you either cannot afford or stand, and there will be no getting out of it without wasting money.

Buying in London

If you want to start a family and find stability, buying is what you want. It depends whether you can afford living in the central parts, the outskirts, or somewhere in between. The closer you are getting to the City of London and the City of Westminster, the more the prices will jump, but you get more options and quite a lot of benefits from moving there. The more you move to Barnet and Enfield, the more you reach the metropolitan green belt of London, where commuters live – it is much cheaper, with a quieter life, but with fewer options. It all boils down to what you want for your family.

Renting in London

Renting is the perfect method to spend your school, college, and university years, and then experimenting with lifestyles and professions. Moving home between flats may seem like a burden, but it actually gives you a perspective on life and you gain experience in varying fields. You should rent if you are not yet ready to settle in and you are not still able to answer the question “What do I want from life?” Either way, North and West London are very popular places for wild souls yet looking for answers.

Do you want to settle or do you want to see more of life? This is the main question you want answered before you make any decisions. And then answer your financial questions and you may start looking. Many London boroughs are very open to newcomers and the royal boroughs will let you enjoy the luxurious life of a classic Londoner. Pick, get the movers over and start loading the removal van – it’s time to start the relocation process.