How to Prepare for a Family Move Overseas

Moving house overseas can be a stressful experience, but that is only if you start the endeavour unprepared. You can go a long way in preparing for the move along with the whole family and make the transition as seamless as possible. The methods are many, and if the time is sparse, then start your setup right now and very soon you will be on the right track and feeling more and more certain about the experience you will have come moving day. Here is the moving checklist you need to browse:

2 Months Prior:

  • Inform all relevant parties about the move. This includes your employer (if you are changing jobs), the family doctor, the veterinarian (if you have pets), the school (if you have children), and your friends (if you want to). Other parties that need to be informed are all the utility services and other service providers so that they can cut the supply and not charge you anymore. Informing the post office about the address change is especially important.
  • You need to buy the tickets for every family member beforehand. Also, make sure that all document-related issues are resolved. You need visas, passports, and permits if you are taking specific things with you. Talk to a counsellor about what you need in that case.
  • Find a proper moving company to help you if you are taking all your possessions with you. Good international moving services are hard to find, so start looking early and ask around for ones who have done successful jobs.
  • Put the house on the market if you are a home owner and you want to sell it once you leave.

1 Month Prior:

  • Start taking care of the packing. First you would want to downsize and make sure you have the least amount of things you have to take along. Sell or donate the things you don’t use or don’t need.
  • After that, find proper packing materials. You can either check the local market for boxes or ask your removal company for help with that.
  • Pack all non-essentials and make sure all boxes are sealed, labelled, and listed.
  • Go to the bank and explain about your move, and ask about account transfer.

1 Week Prior:

  • Confirm the moving day with all relevant parties.
  • Speaking of parties, you can have a going away party with friends to say a proper goodbye and get some going away presents. It never hurts to have good friends to supply you with a lot of helpful things for the relocation.

Moving Day:

  • Pack all your essentials while waiting for the movers to come and get your things.
  • When they do come, take out the list of boxes and check if everything is loaded and ready to go.
  • Double check everything to make sure you are not leaving anything behind.
  • Travel safely.

With this moving checklist you should have a proper move overseas and you will be able to settle down at your new place as soon as possible with the least amount of stress. Good planning takes a lot of the moving stigma away, so do your job right and there will be nothing to worry about.